Carolina Jaen Merendino

Born and raised in Panama with Italian roots, Carolina Jaen has developed a great passion for visual arts and in particular for painting inspired by her career as an architect and interior designer.

Very visible in her works are all the characteristics of a vast visual language linked to a harmonious palette of colors and natural forms. There is a clear visual reference to balance and equilibrium in every work as the result of compelling observation and her individual taste for art. The projection of space and boundaries is a clear evolution from her educational formation as well as hands on experience she has gathered. Inside the works, there are all the different characteristics that relate to the many factors that can determine a visual space. It’s a knowledge derive from the consolation she has achieve during her career.

Being the daughter of an artist and a well-travelled person, has helped enhanced her vision to identify all the archetypes that are present in the Mediterranean and modern culture. It might be her Italian origins that make these element feather accentuated, as well as the natural surroundings in her hometown Panama City, a modern urban scene immersed in the tropical forest. These contrasting factors offer an infinite reference in forms of vegetations and the postmodern architecture.

Her work breathes this synthesis of styles in every canvas making it as unique as universal reference which are on display in every original work related to the natural meaning of a pure spirit of gratitude and simplicity. It’s perhaps the result that comes of an education in Europe and the Americas. Defining a postmodern vision whose origin are always embedded in the primordial aspects of a sincere art.